Billionaires and Bastards…

Billionaires and Bastards is a short story format mini-series written by yours truly, Marco Khalil. The story begins with the release of 10 year convict John Brown who steps foot on the newly gentrified streets of Chicago. As he looks out into the world, he see that things will never be the same. We then travel to Detroit’s Central Woodward high prestige neighborhood of Boston-Edison District where one of Detroit’s collegiate rebellious son simply known as “Roman” encounters Thomas Alexandre, little known foreign resident. After an enticing conversation, Roman is left with something to think about in his quest to fight for the rights and freedoms of the inner-city poor and downtrodden. We then visit Kingston Jamaica’s Raja and Weedhead. After years of serving in the Spangler Posse, Raja decides that he no longer wants to participate but instead would like to begin a life where he has something to show for it. We fly to New York where we meet inmate Black Hawk, a Somali political refugee, pirate, and international criminal as he contemplates his escape from Sing Sing Prison. Lastly, we meet Father Tracey, a Jesuit priest and professor at the Loyola University in Chicago who sits on the anniversary of the day of his decision to join the Jesuits at Japanais on Chicago’s Riverfront reminiscing on the life he chose and the one he left behind.

This is Billionaires and Bastards, the story of the rich getting richer and the poor trying to find their way out of the system as best they can.



Billionaires and Bastards: “In life, we’re all either kings or pawns. Emperors or fools.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Which are you?


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