The Marco Khalil Project is a writer’s showcase for me, D’Marco Ansari. As a writer, author, blogger, cyclist, entrepreneur, urban economist, all-out dreamer, and self-proclaimed philosopher, I am often in need of much space to cultivate all the useless ideas that come about in a n average day.

This blog was born from a pseudonym that I planned on using but later did away after having started a pretty interesting story. Once removed, I decided to keep the blog to showcase my writing but mainly to express and explore ideas with my growing audience.

The Marco Khalil Project, TMKP, is my platform to connect with the dreamers, the storytellers, the talkers, the philosophers, the big idea guy and the small scheme guy, the ambitious entrepreneur and the lazy slacker. As I interact with you, I learn more about me as all knowledge comes from the sharing of ideas, creativity and the interactions of different people from diverse backgrounds and life stories.

So please – Come, Read, Comment, Like, Share, Writer me, and Repeat. All are welcome!


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