I started writing this post back in 2016. I took a look at, as I always do, and deleted everything that I wrote, changed the name, and decided to start all over. We’re in 2018. Time for something new, right?

This week I spoke with someone I respect and they asked me a very important question. “How’s your plans going?” DAMN!!! It’s only the second week, I thought to myself. And then after that thought floated away, I started thinking about what I had planned and answered the question.

This simple question made me think about something that I saw on Instagram, call it “Insta-wisdom”: “You will never always be motivated, you have to learn to be disciplined as well.” This is the truth. In November and December I was super pumped and motivated about all the things that I was going to do in 2018. Now in January of 2018, I need something a little bit more than “being pumped”; I need a little, as my grandmother would say, “gumption”.

So I went home and whipped out my calendar, pulled out my calculator, ink pen, journal and got to jotting down the plan, marking up my calendar, and writing on my dry erase board. You can’t let plans fall through the cracks. You can’t let dreams die. You have to keep working at it. You have to keep visualizing it. Visualization is the key but visualization is a process. It requires day in day out working to make the dream happen. A dream that never comes through is simply a wish. We’re not wishing for nothing  in 2018.

The reality of life is that there is no real difference between December 31st and January 1st. The only difference is the one second when time goes from 11:59:99 to 12:00:00. You are ultimately the same. Time is in your head. The only thing occurring or not occurring is your motivation, dedication, and discipline to succeed. In the words of Daniel Creasey in “Man on Fire”, “You are either trained or untrained!”.

I know it’s only week two. That’s what I thought when I was asked how I was doing but keep in mind the timeline that you set up when you dreamt up your plans. And keep people around you who are not willing to let you slack on your dreams. Calls these your accountability partners and schedule regular time to talk to them and be reinvigorated by them. Keep people around you that are on the same level of thinking as you. People who want to win. People who want to succeed. People who not only want to dream and talk, but want to make those dreams come true. (cheesy I know). But don’t forget to challenge them as well. Accountability relationships are reciprocal so don’t feel that you can’t return the favor.

Thoughts: how are you staying motivated or pushing yourself to be disciplined? Who are your accountability partners? How bad do you want to succeed?

Shout out to all of you! Stay Focused! Stay Winning!



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