The First Rule of Success is Seeing the Big Picture; the Second Rule is Avoiding Those Who Don’t 

Doubt is the introduction of an idea that deters one from their original belief in something otherwise believed to be true. I heard this definition once as I was watching a movie or TV show and it all made too much sense. I mean think about it, when you have an idea about something: doing something, investing in something, buying something, or simply believing something,  you typically and humanly don’t start with the negative or both the belief and disbelief at the same time. When you sign up for piano lessons, you don’t start off with the notion that  you can’t play it, but that you can and don’t know how. You would appear and feel insane if every idea you had came with its affirmation and negation as to your ability to accomplish it. But so many times,  doubt sets in and moves us from our natural and human inclination to believe.

Doubt is introduced to us; it doesn’t come from us. It comes from the many people that we interact with on a daily basis from the news,  blogs (but not mine though 😉), and TV that we subscribe to and from past failures and experiences. Doubt comes from the fears and failures of others as they give us “kind” words of “advice”. But doubt also comes when we aren’t true to what we are trying to accomplish.  When we lack integrity.  When our motives and desires aren’t pure. When our self-esteem is low and we lack confidence in our abilities. When we lack gumption and motivation. When we lack vision.

If doubt exists externally,  then the first rule of success is having the vision to see the big picture. The big picture, the bird’s eye view, the aerial perspective. When you have this, you see the hard work necessary to obtain success: the pitfalls that can, may, and will occur, and the climb back to the path. You see the steady,  consistent,  constant march forward that must occur despite any feelings of resistance and hesitancy. “No”, “Stop, “Don’t”, and “Can’t” lose their meaning and become simple setbacks but never dead ends.  You understand the big picture and you embrace the challenge. You become Jerome from Gattaca (#moviereference) and you succeed because you save nothing for the return swim back. There is no Plan B and no alternative routes.  There is the plan and the goal; nothing else.

The second rule,  if doubt is external, is to avoid those who don’t see your vision and introduce doubt. “Ignore the hate, ignore the fake, ignore the funny s@#$” #YoungMa #OOOUU Stay away from those who look to keep you down.  Those who hate on your resolve and determined disposition.  Those who’s own vision is limited and focused on drama, hate, and gossip. Stay away from the miserable ones, the ones who are human crabs looking to bring you back in the barrel.  Vultures don’t always fly above you.  Sometimes they sit on the cactus right next to you to watch you fail. They give you words of encouragement but pray on your downfall. (#musicreference #TeeGrizley) Stay away from these people who have no authentic genuine bone in their body and your failures and setbacks give them purpose and value.

In a recent interview,  rapper and thug motivator Jeezy, wore a blue hoodie blessed with the phrase and slow-growing  movement “Trust Ya Process” (one that will grace my wardrobe in 3 – 6 business days😎). He said,  paraphrased,  that you have to believe in yourself, trust in your process, plan and stick with it despite what the haters and nay-sayers say. They live for the failure,  so you have to live for the victory.

So in 2018, we’re trusting in our process and we’re going to be hitting you with articles,  posts,  videos,  pics, and whatever else we can and we’re going to ignore the haters,  the vultures, the nay-sayers, the weak,  the quitters,  the gossipers, and anyone else who present doubt instead of support. 2018 we’re ready for your best because we’re coming with ours and in the end we’ll see who holds the crown (#bars).

Happy 2018 Planning!! Hope to see you at the victory line this time next year.




T/IG/FB: @dansari24; @themk_project


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