Second Winds

It’s been a minute since I wrote. I know this not because I have empty notes in hardly completed sentences in slightly filled notebooks or because WordPress told me I haven’t written in four months. No; none of that. I know because after working on my brother’s projects, I felt a strong desire to get back to work.

Hence, the appropriately titled article, “Second Winds”.  Because we all have second winds if we take advantage of them or not. Those moments, epiphanies if you will, that captivate and motivate your imagination. They give you clarity and seem to iron out many of the so-called “obstacles” that have been plaguing the plans. It’s like that deep breathe swimmers take after holding their breath for long strokes and right before they can’t hold it any longer, they turn their head and breathe deep. They fill their lungs deep with the fresh air they need to power through the next lap. Onward and forward.

Many people fail to acknowledge the second wind and when they finally acknowledge it, later down the road, they realized that they missed a great opportunity to re-grab the reigns and do something amazing.

That second wind, the re-focusing point. The spring board. The second wind, the second chance, the second beginning.

So here is to the second winds and those willing to lift the sails and ride them. Push through! Ride right! Keep going!




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