The Time is Now… Don’t Waste It!

Over the first days of the New Year, I took to Instagram (further abbreviated to “Gram” as shortened in Creed) with some one-minute videos. The intention was really to have fun posting videos on the site as I have been slightly subconscious about my looks and voice on camera. Despite some hesitance, I threw them on the Gram and walked away. #Deeddone

I oftentimes, almost automatically select to simultaneously add images to Facebook (or FB) and Twitter (just Twitter) but sometimes I don’t. This time, however, I automatically but unintentionally sent the videos to FB and Twitter and when I realized what I had done, I went to my FB page and saw that it had one like. So instead of removing it and leaving it solely on the Gram, I left the video alone to see what would come of it. What occurred was a small explosion of interest. Nothing went viral and I did not make a big enough splash to quit my day job but the messages I received back peaked my interests.

I am not a rockstar. I am not unique. I am the same, more or less, as everyone else. I wake up like everyone else and I go throughout my day making a series of decisions that hopefully result in my being able to return home and go to sleep to do it all again the next day. That is not to say that there are benefits and access that I have that others have been afforded, opportunities that I have received that others have also had the privilege of, but it is to say that I must get up and go through my day with the cards that I have been dealt and attempt to make a flush. We are the same in this regard.

People have been saying that I’m Mr. Motivational from watching my videos and listening to my “chipper” outlook on 2017. I’m not. I’m Mr. Tired. Mr. Frustrated. Mr. Done with the Bulls@#! This is not a motivational blog but if you’re motivated then our thinking is aligned and you are feeling the synergy. I’m Mr. Let’s Do It. Mr. Things Can’t Stay the Same. Mr. Grow and Change or Die!

The time is now to do whatever you feel is necessary to change your life for the better, to achieve the success you feel you deserve. The past is over and is nothing more than vague foggy memories and lessons that are recalled when situations reoccur. Outside of that, the past is in your head.

The time is right now. The future is a whole bunch of right nows combined together into a future right now where once it’s time has come joins the others in the past. So everything I do right now is pulling from past right nows to influence future right nows. Let me repeat. This is not a motivational blog where I discuss ways of breathing and Zen thinking that free you from some demon hiding in the recesses of your mind. But this is a blog of a determined person wishing only to provide some level of entertainment and thought provoking insight that I come across in my daily activities that I feel could provide some insight into your own situation.

Thank you to those who’ve viewed my blog posts and videos, liked them, and even shared them. I find it funny that we berate and call out the natural leanings of the corporate media but refuse to like, share, comment and ultimately support more independent endeavors from blogs and podcasts to independent news and radio stations. The love I receive and have received has been greatly appreciated and given me the courage (if you will) to continue pushing along. And to those who are inspired, if you need someone to share that excitement with, email me. You want to rant about something, DM or message me. Want me to share my opinion on something, let me know. Follow my blogs and shoot me an email. I’m always here to listen and to share in that insight with you; I would love to hear from you.

Spend everyday this year unplugging from destructive distractions and plugging in to positive constructive empowering tools that move you closer to understanding your true purpose and achieving the success you desire.

You are amazing and powerful and whatever you wish to accomplish, you can. Remember that!




T/IG/FB: @dansari24; @themk_project

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