Don’t Stop Hustling and Grinding

I started off writing a letter to my white friends about letting black people and other minority communities grieve over the lost of the 2016 election to Donald Trump. I was going to write something heart felt and emotional; something that talks about the importance of grieving in order to accept what one cannot change. I was then going to cleverly bring up how White America did not accept President Barack Obama and refused to “just work with the guy”. Ted Cruz and the Tea Party openly and vocally obstructed the government and shut down the IRS. Donald Trump started the Birther Movement and gave birth to a segment of the constituency that refuse to accept the legitimacy of President Obama. President Obama was met with obstructionist after obstructionist at every turn and now with a Donald Trump presidency we face the possibility that he may attempt to repeal everything that President Obama has done. I guess this is the type of “collaboration” that Trump supporters would like from those who supported Hilary and other candidates. But then I started thinking…

Although there is alot of fear from the prospects of President Donald Trump, we should reevaluate that fear. Donald Trump and his supporters have only made obvious what many of us already knew. Donald Trump and a significant portion of his supporters are racist, xenophobic, fearful people who will seek to put in place policies that benefit middle class white America. But this is no different than what would have taken place under a Clinton presidency.

The fear that many of us feel may not be coming from a Trump presidency but the removal of a comfort zone that black people have depended on for the best part of a decade. President Obama gave black people a false hope that things were going to improve and change and with that hope, we sat back and got comfortable waiting for the policies to come down that would empower us to take back our neighborhoods and improve our lives. Unfortunately, they never came and we hoped for that same thing with Hilary.

I’m not going to waste my time talking to white people and explaining to them why we’re upset with a divisive Donald Trump in office pandering only to the fears of a diminishing segment of the population under the guise of “making America great”; it’s not worth it. Instead, I’m going to look to my community and I’m going to say that Donald Trump is one of the greatest things to happen to the black community. Donald Trump comes at a time when the black community, men and women, have been brutalized, marginalized, and pandered to by everyone after a century of being disenfranchised. We are only acknowledged around election time when politicians want to get in office. The black community is craving a change, an improvement, something and that something was given to us in the most racist way.

Don’t be mad at those people who supported Trump. Don’t be mad at those people who didn’t support Hilary Clinton. Don’t be mad at those people who didn’t vote. Don’t find a reason to be mad at all. Instead embrace this challenge and get to work. No one is coming to help you. No one is coming to save you and they never were. All you have is your ability to impact change in your own life, God, and your brother and sister who are stuck in the struggle with you.

You want to make it through the next 4 years? You want to stick it to these Donald Trump supporters? Keep hustling and grinding and pushing through. Don’t rely on any more politicians and don’t expect them to help you. Succeed!! Donald Trump supporters vowed to “take back America” and “make it great again”. This was never an inclusive policy. The America they want back is one that was never inclusive of blacks, gays, latinos, or anyone that is not white. That America they want back is one in which minority groups have a secondary role in a constant state of servitude. The only way to beat this system is to band together and succeed. Success is the only way to enrage, anger, and defeat Donald Trump and his supporters.

So grieve and then get back to work. Build your team; save your money; invest in your future. Buy goods and services from people who live in your community. Educate yourself. These actions will lead you to success and success is the only way to beat Donald Trump and the American capitalist machine that has been rigged against you.

#HustleHarder #DontStopGrinding #MakeYourselfGreatAgain



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